Pinegrow 8 is here, with greatly improved Tailwind editing tools! + Summer Sale 2024

Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here!


Pinegrow 8 is finally here, with greatly improved Tailwind editing tools:

  • Create component styles that compile into regular CSS rules, without utility classes in HTML (watch quick overview)
  • Design CSS grids with interactive visual editor
  • Wrangle classes and variants with the improved Class tree inspector
  • Manage styles with fully editable Style manager
  • Set custom configuration with built-in compiler
  • Drag and drop Flowbite blocks straight from the Insert panel

Pinegrow 8 also comes with Anthropic Claude models in AI Assistant, Bootstrap update and UI improvements.

Summer Sale

To celebrate the launch we are running a sale with 35% OFF all Pinegrow editions!

Please note that for desktop Pinegrow Web Editor, Tailwind features require the Tailwind add-on (also discounted in the sale).

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Getting started

Check out what’s new, explore the tutorials and download the desktop app:

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If your trial already ended, you will get a fresh trial extension.

Hope you will enjoy the new Pinegrow as much as we do!
Matjaz & the Pinegrow Team


I’ve dabbled with Pinegrow a few times now but never really got serious.

I’m still not sure about Tailwind editing but waited for Pinegrow 8 before making the financial commitment.

Thanks for the 35% Summer Sale.

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I am eager to buy but would like an ARM based version. So that I can use Pinegrow on Raspberry Pi. I think you guys have already made a version for M1 macs so maybe it wont be difficult you. :grin: :smile:

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Nice update! thanks.
How does PG handle the JS used by Flowbite to power their component with interctions.

JS is to be manually added to head. There are various ways to include the JS depending on the type of project, for eg, if using a bundler or not.