Does Pinegrow 7.6 Pro Have autosave?

Oddly I cannot find it.

Not an automatic save but this is available.
If enabled Pinegrow saves copy of existing HTML or CSS file to _pgbackup folder before overwriting the original. You can turn this off if you’re using source control to keep track of file revisions.

While autosave in a dev tool can be convenient, there are at least 2 reasons why it may be undesirable:

  1. Unwanted Changes: You may be experimenting with your code and not necessarily wanting to save every change you make. Autosave functionality might result in these experimental or unwanted changes accidentally being saved and hard to revert.

  2. Version Control Conflicts: If you use a version control system such as Git, an autosave can save changes that you didn’t intend to commit, resulting in unwanted changes in your version history or conflicts with other developers’ work.

Putting _pgbackup into the gitignore file prevents this, though, doesn’t it?

There are undoubtedly as many arguments for as against the integration of this feature, but throughout the many discussions that surrounded the development of Pinegrow, it was decided not to offer it.

Note: When using the Pinegrow extension for VSCODE, we also recommend disabling this feature.

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Thanks. I will put in a feature request. I have never seen an IDE/editor without timed backup. There is no conflict with source control.

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I get your point, as long as you master your source control tools, still, there are other possible situations where this is dangerous and so our current choice.