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Pinegrow shouldn't add, but strip trailing whitespace when 'Auto-format HTML' is on

Hello Administrator,

I use Pinegrow for Windows in-pair with Atom for editing, and GitHub for version tracking. I’ve, noticed, that Pinegrow adds a lot of random trailing whitespace on save to end of lines, when ‘Auto-format HTML’ is on – both when saving pages one-by-one, or at once.

Since leaving trailing whitespace in files is bad practice, it’d be nice if Pinegrow didn’t add, but instead strip trailing whitespace on save. As well, Atom comes with a package called ‘whitespace’ on by default, that does strip whitespace on save. This means, when using Pinegrow in-pair with Atom’s default settings, Pinegrow’s added whitespaces will be stripped by Atom – and vice-versa, creating and endless fight between the two, and a complete mess in version tracking.

A workaround right now is disabling Atom’s ‘whitespace’ package, not to strip trailing whitespace on save at all. However, since it results in cleaner code, it’d be useful to instead make Pinegrow capable of not adding, but stripping whitespace on save.

Kind regards,

Márton Lente

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