Easy way to add non-breaking space in visual editor?

I’m looking for an easy way to add a non-breaking space in the Pinegrow’s visual editor. In many editors this can be done with Ctrl+Shift+Space. (This can be done in Pinegrow’s code editor by inserting “&”+“nbsp;” but this is awkward.)

Don C.

@dculp one way is to use Insert character tool in Inline text editing mode:


This works OK but still awkward –

  1. With cursor at desired text location, Ctrl+T to activate visual helpers.
  2. Click on star.
  3. Mouse to “Space”, click “Non-breaking”
  4. Esc to get rid of visual helpers.
  5. Esc to get rid of –

I don’t like the visual helpers in the text area (thus requiring extra steps to activate and then deactivate). It would be nice if the visual helpers could be positioned outside the text area (perhaps vertically).

Since a non-breaking space is one of the most common special characters, it would be nice to have a key combination to insert this character.