Code editor in Firefox stops working after few edits

Hey guys.

I’m unable to edit the code in the Firefox browser. Both global editor (that shows whole page code) and element’s code editor are affected by this bug.

I can edit the code 1 or 2 times, but then when I want to edit the code, the cursor jumps to random places and sometimes it’s even editing other elements.

To reproduce it, just try editing element’s or global code a few times in Firefox. Other browsers work fine.

Can you tell us more about your system (type and version) and Firefox version?

Windows 11 22H2. The latest version of Firefox Developer. It was happening on older versions of Windows and Firefox too, though.

@Adryan I’m currently testing / editing basic code on macOS using the Pinegrow WordPress plugin code editor from the very last Firefox version and I face no issue.

Firefox does not use the Chromium engine like most of the other grade A browsers, we are going to investigate with Windows 11. In the mean time, please, contact the support so we can follow the case more efficiently and with your help, try to find the origin and … a solution :slight_smile:

I moved back to Firefox again and still have the same issue :frowning: Here’s a link to a video I sent to the support months ago -