For inline mathjax nomenclature, how to suppress annoying visual editor popup?

I have a lot of paragraphs that contain inline mathjax nomenclature. For example \( U = 37 \) in the following –

<p>In equations X, the amplitude is \( U = 37 \).</p>

When the page is refreshed, this displays in the visual editor as –

If I try to edit this paragraph (or any paragraph containing mathjax nomenclature) in the visual editor, a popup occurs, after which I always have to click “Edit anyway” –

Is there a way to suppress this popup?

(In this situation I want to edit the “normal” text (not the mathjax). Also, I realize that I can edit such paragraphs in the code editor but this isn’t necessarily my preference.)

Pinegrow 7.2

Don C.

@dculp the warning is shown because the element contains dynamically generated HTML and editing it inline causes the DOM code to be saved in the source code. In your case, the ( … ) is then replaced by the code generated by Mathajax. I don’t think this is what you want. You probably want to keep the original notation in the source code.

The only way to edit such elements and preserve the original source code is by using the Element code editor (much more convenient than the whole page code editor).

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I wasn’t aware of the element code editor. This seems to work OK. However, just to be clear, when working in the visual editor I would only want to edit the “normal” text (“In equations X, the amplitude is”), not the mathjax (\( U = 37 \)). For users who might want to edit like this, it would be nice if the settings allowed an option to suppress the popup. (The settings could give a one-time warning if such an option were chosen.)

There is another problem related to mathjax equations. If I click on a free-standing equation in the visual editor such as –

then there is a popup (which I understand). However, the code editor doesn’t jump to the equation. Instead, it moves to the top of the code page (<!doctype html>). Then there are two options. 1) Scroll the code editor from the top to try to find the mathjax equation, or 2) In the visual editor, click on some adjacent non-mathjax text, which will take the code editor close to the desired equation, and then scroll the code editor to the mathjax equation.

Hence, it would be nice if clicking on a free-standing mathjax equation in the visual editor would take the code editor directly to that equation.

Note – For the above equation the code is –

\begin{flalign} \label{eq:12345a} \nonumber
X &= A + B