Framework Deviders for Blocks

I am using the new Pinegrow 7, and I am currently in trial-mode, and have been using it since 2.x. It’s notable an upgrade towards 6.x but I have to admit a thing; I’m seeing too much framework entrapment, and that might be by popular request.

But I for one would not like to use any frameworks that are secretly forced upon you when you pick a nice Block to work from. Because to import an entire framework for one little thing is bloat imo.

It’s simple to solve; make deviders in the list that show which framework (CSS/Bootstrap 4 or 5/Tailwind) these blocks use, and MENTION to users when they are importing blocks, they are also importing FrameworkX. This could also mean I’m using my own CSS framework that power my own custom blocks, which could conflict with your own styles.css.

That would make using the feature more sane and sanitized fts. Right now I’m just reversing the puke which makes it feel less of a progression. I want to heavily use Blocks as a baseline for my design system, and right now using built-in blocks feels intrusive, and also makes you distrust your peers who might not be aware.

I think better tools have LTS support, and I do think that as a customer I show that by always making sure I mention things that will improve the general DX of the tool, and thus myself.