Fse theme not kicking in

Last year around this time, I developed a theme. Recently, I revisited the project and added a templates folder, inside which I added an index.html file, as I normally do to make a Full Site Editing (FSE) theme. However, for some reason, it does not seem to recognize that it is an FSE theme. Do you have any ideas on how to resolve this?

Do you have the theme.json enabled?


The project default does not copy extra folders or files to the theme folder.
When I crate my FSE themes I always have to set by hand what need to copied.
Screenshot 2024-04-15 alle 16.41.38


Ya, not having those folders automatically move over costs me a lot of time, too. If anyone wants to support FSE theme development you can like this feature request and hopefully we’ll get PG better aligned with FSE.

I wish that pine grow had a function to add FSE to a theme as a check box in the theme settings and that in PG the folder would automatically be added, and it does not have to be a sort of hack to make an FSE theme,


yes that’s what happened. when you make a new “file” in a folder, the default is to not export the file to the theme - drove me absolutely bat crazy.

the thing is, why would I make the file and not export it?

Happy you found the solutions.
FSE theme are now live, since a long development roadmap. Many features should be implemented in PG, probably partecipate at the feature request topic to see 'em implemented soon is the key!