Grid deleted when master changed [Answer provided]

I have a master with components for header and footer. These parts are not editable in new pages. I have generated a new page using this facility. A part of the new page is a container with a grid laying out the content in a container in-between the header and footer. This is editable. If I update the master and then refresh the master page reflects all changes OK. However, on the new page, the grid is removed leaving the content in paragraphs which are in reverse order. When I replace the grid, I do not have to reposition the paragraphs as they seem to have retained their grid positional information. This is repeatable. This is a problem given all content is laid out using a grid in the content container.

Hello Mark,

We’re glad to inform you that @matjaz has identified the root cause of the problem you were experiencing with your project. First of all, this is not a bug :slight_smile:

It appears that the div.container is an editable area with editable content. On the index.html file, you’re adding CSS grid to the div.container as an inline style. However, that part of the element is not editable, and as a result, it reverts to the state defined on the master when the project is updated.

To resolve this issue, we recommend adding another div inside the div.container on index.html and defining the CSS grid in that new div.

Please note that while we agree that it would be useful if Pinegrow could warn when an element is not editable, this is technically challenging to implement. However, we have added this as a task on our to-do list for future releases, and we will explore implementing a technical solution.

If you need any further assistance or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at Pinegrow Web Editor | Build websites faster with Pinegrow Web Editor.

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