GUI not synced very well with code

I’m noticing that if I add a component via the GUI to my webpage and then edit/delete it, the code goes bananas by either duplicating the code block or not changing the code at all. We should have a far more accurate and reliable interfacing with the code. Is this improvement in the works?

Also, is there a way to prevent the tree from expanding (exploding) when I drag a component over to it?

I am unable to reproduce your problem (see attached vid.) The tree expands as designed, and the code is added when the component is placed, and then it’s removed when the component is deleted.

I actually have the same problem. Sometimes when adding for instance font-awesome to the current page it won’t work until I close that page in the project and open it again then it works. It is like it isn’t updated correctly when adding to the current page. I’m not sure if it is the same problem as you are experiencing.

And here’s a vid of what I’m experiencing… is there a way to turn off the auto expanding of the tree if you want to drag a componet over to it so it doesn’t ‘explode’?

To my knowledge, there is no way to disable the auto-expanding action of the tree when you drag a component over it, but my question is, why would you want not want it to expand? That’s what enables you to precisely place the component where you want it in the DOM.

I’m curious randyrie, what size monitor you’re working on?

I’m using a 15.4 inch Macbook Pro with a Retina display.

It’s always easier to say than do, but couldn’t the tree be designed so only the ‘nearest neighbors’ expand as you roll over the items rather than the entire tree exploding and pushing the the desired landing spot out of view? Especially when there are quite a number of items in the tree because of a busy webpage.

In your video, it appears the tree is already expanded, and when you’re dragging the component over it, it’s just shifting around quickly. If you close the individual branches, I can’t get them to “explode” (see vid attached.)

It could also be that working on such a small monitor, it’s hard to position things precisely (especially if you’re using a trackpad.) Have you considered getting a larger monitor, and a mouse to work with? I use three 24" screens and a logitech mouse, which gives my old eyes an easier time seeing tiny text and stuff.

Hi grimur…

Seems to me that PineGrow gets flaky (code behaves randomly, GUI does not respond, panels freeze, etc) after prolonged and intense usage. Not sure if this is platform/computer related (OS, CPU, memory, etc) or application related. Rebooting PineGrow usually cures any ailments, albeit annoying.

re: “It could also be that working on such a small monitor…”

I just got a 21.5" iMAC and WOW! Working in PineGrow with this kind of acreage is a real joy.

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It definitely changes your ideas about site design as well.

I work on two 27" monitors. Helps tremendously… Though many people now are on small hand held devices so your large monitors don’t display correctly what the mobile devices do. Even with the mockup sizes within Chrome. You get close but it’s not 100%, though I would NEVER want to develop on a hand held device ever…