Help: Theme Converter, resources not applying after export

Long story short: Trying to convert a regular template to a WP template using Theme Converter.

The template looks fine in Pinegrow Theme Converter, however, If I export the template de styling somehow doesn’t apply, yet, I don’t have any missing resources.
Any tip in how to further investigate?

Network tab:

Somehow have the feeling I’m missing a very simple yet trivial part of the template conversion…

Hi @MrPineFlow,
It is a little hard to troubleshoot without knowing the whole project structure and what steps were done. But looking at the list in the image, I don’t see any CSS files. Not sure why it wouldn’t export.

Yeah… the list goes on and on… quite a bulk of asset…
But to launch an MVP is good enough.

Turns out Pinegrow Theme Converter didn’t play nice with the theme structure.
When I moved the assets of the ‘html + bootstrap’ file into the propper asset folder and relinked all, the theme converter did catch most of them.