How do I adjust the line height of a text line in visual editor?

How do you adjust the line height of a text line in visual editor? I would like to reduce the line height about 30%.


Hi there @obe1, I think I am correct in say that currenlty you cannot adjust the height of the text in Pinegrow’s built in text editor. you can change the theme and font, and UI zoom, but I think that is it.

you might want to list your request on #feature-request channel here.

Sorry, this isn’t the answer you wanted, but at least you got a reply this time you asked :slight_smile: and, if I’m wrong, you will get a better answer from someone else!

Thanks for your help. I probably should have asked the question differently. I need to adjust the line spacing
between two text lines (reducing them, bringing the two lines of text closer together). I think this correlates to line height which is standardized at around 120% of the actual text height.

woops! sorry, no , I should learn to read better! I just re read it, I was tired. ok is this more use?

  1. In the Active Tab.
  2. Select the Text Element.
  3. Select the T icon , * Font/Text* in visual Editor.
  4. Click the up/down selectors with your mouse, and move up and down, or enter a value.

and here is some good (definitive) info on the units you can use.
I didn’t know all of them myself. so thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. Solved the problem.

@obe1 this was answered yesterday over here where you also asked How to I reduce Line Height for a text line?

Could you ask questions in one place only as it pushes other peoples questions down the list and it also takes time that could be used to try an assist others. Thanks.

Pssst. @Rob… it was marked as solved see?
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@schpengle it was added as solved in a reply within the thread, the thread isn’t marked as solved and there is another thread asking the same question in a different section which found before this one and then answered. If this is solved then @obe1if possible could you change the title to include [Solved] on both threads. Thanks @schpengle for your wise words :slight_smile:

Good points.
Especially the last ones :smiley:

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