Pinegrow CMS for static HTML websites SFTP


I’ve been looking at the CMS for static HTML websites page (for eventually future costumers that want to edit their website) on the Pinegrow documentation site and wonder is there a SFTP client build in?

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I guess you are talking about this documentation page

The answer is mentioned and given on that same page, when you look look at the section “Hosting and publishing”.

Hosting and publishing
Use your preferred method of publishing the changes to your hosting provider, either with FTP, Git or provider-specific method. At this time, Pinegrow doesn’t host and upload files directly. You have to setup the publishing outside of Pinegrow.

This is still valid for all Pinegrow versions and apps! There are no integrated (S)FTP features supported in Pinegrow.

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Yes I’ve been reading that too, but I was thinking maybe because this is a old documentation it changed.