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How to choose a different preview browser?

Hi everybody.
I installed Pinegrow and when trying to preview the work in a browser it showed me a list of the browsers I have to choose which one to work with. Unfortunately, the one I choose has more security measures than others, so I have to disable them in order for the page to show.
I would like to know how one can change the browser in order to preview the work while using Pinegrow. Any help will be appreciated.

P.S.: I have already looked in the menu, but can’t find any options. I searched through the Docs & Support on the Pinegrow website, and through this forum, but haven’t found anything related to it.

This is controlled by your operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux), and not Pinegrow related.

HI there, @newlearning, sorry for delay.

Well, depending on your operating system, you can do this.
I use a Mac so I install an app as a browser…but it isnt actually a browser :slight_smile:
This app is a Multiple Browser Option App

Ie, a tool for selecting…browsers!
And I set it as my …default browser!

so every time I click a link (in ANY app, ) it pops up a little dialogue, with asking which browser to open the link with.
You can also add other apps to it, such as httptrack etc, or site sucker, in order to download complete websites when you click on a link


There are windows alternatives, the same principle applies, probably for Linux too Im not sure on that front.

@schpengle Good suggestion and simple solution !
I was not aware that such apps exists.

Thanks for your response Marf. I thought it could be changed, since if I am not wrong I think the first time it previewed it on a browser it gave me a list of my browsers to choose which one was the one to be used as the preview browser. Still, I am gonna check it out, thanks! :grinning:

Hey schpengle, thank you for your reply. your solution is a very ingenious one :slightly_smiling_face: indeed. I work on a PC (windows) and what you mention is a very good solution for what I need. I don’t want to change the default browser every time, depending if I am surfing the web or testing a website with Pinegrow, since I have a browser with a VPN connection for security reasons.

@newlearning, yes same here, VPN’s, different email clients etc. some go a bit mental and cause my email accounts to be blocked if I suddenly log in with a different IP address, and tbh , just being able to view in a few different browsers was pretty handy :slight_smile:
I’ve been quite slack on here as of late, my life has become overrun with horses!
Still, I should be back in a bit … hopefully, maybe with some horsey sites :slight_smile: