How to decrease or increase the level of a list item without coding?

If I have a list that contains an item –


I can code to decrease (demote) the level –


Is there a way to do this without coding? (Expression Web has an icon to do this but I can’t find anything in Pinegrow.)

I’m trying to integrate Pinegrow with Atom but I also couldn’t find this functionality in Atom. (I realize Atom is just an editor but I thought there might be a macro or some other way to do this.)

Don C.

Hi @dculp,
Not sure I get your meaning exactly. Do you just mean code formatting in the code editor? If so, the hotkey combo ‘OPTION-SHIFT-F’ (mac & linux) or ‘WIN-SHIFT-F’ (windows -I think) will format the code with proper indenting. If you are in the Tree panel, highlight the <li> and click the indent icon on the right.

This one.
It will move it inside the parental <ul>
Hope this helps,

RobM –

OK. In the tree view I was clicking on the list item’s text rather than clicking on “li”.


Can this indent according to my needs ? 4 spaces for tab.

Hi @anjanesh,
You can set the indent size within the Support → Settings… menu. It is in the “Code Editing” section where you can also set your theme and font. I think it only does spaces, but I have mine set to 4.

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