How to Price a Website Project

Do you struggle to price a website project? Always find you’re reinventing how you onboard your clients? Scope creep an issue?

I’m happy to announce I’ll be releasing the tried and tested website scoping and planning workshop I’ve developed for over 2 decades designing and building websites for the worlds biggest brands! (Netflix, Corning, Conde Nast, Vodafone and more).

Immersed is a workshop that ensures informed, smart decision-making for the entire team and gears any website project up for success by scoping out the project taking into account UX, Design and Development teams.

Registering interest: immersed - The Full Stack Agency

More news to come via the link above!


the link takes you to a 404 page :pensive:

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Thanks. Try again :slight_smile: redirect wasn’t working. Or go straight to Samuel Gregory