Where do I place my new pages on my existing site?

I created a few new (bootstrap) pages with Pinegrow on my computer. Just add a loss where to place them in my existing WP site.

  • Do I place it just in the Public folder or is it better to create an new folder under the public-one?

  • I don’t necessarily need to reach the new pages through the WP admin, but is that possible?

Would really appreciate some explanation

Hi @Baudina,
Are the new pages static, or new WP template pages? What are you using the pages to accomplish? Why do you want to get to them from the WP admin?
Sorry for all of the questions,

No problem with the questions. I don’t want them from my wp site. I want to bring them into my existing wp-site. I like to create my own pages. I have the wp-site because I wanted something fast. Its just a crappy page and a crappy theme I use.

I created the page with Bootstrap 3 for WP. But I start to believe i am doing it wrong lol.

Hi @Baudina,
So, WordPress has a lot going on under the surface all coordinated by PHP. Serving plain HTML pages from a WordPress site isn’t that hard, but does require (usually) some fiddling with the rewrite rules. There is likely a plugin out there that can help you with this if you do a quick search.
Good Luck!

Thank you, Bob. I will have a look.