How to upload PG WP files?

I watched the 20 min 2015 PG video on WP in which he clicked to export his theme. How will I upload my PG WP files to my WP server? I have MAMP installed and I have my server WP admin installed. But I am a total WP beginner.

ur gonna need one of these

i use WinSCP, bc i’m on a windows machine

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I just got Cyberduck for Mac and imported my transmit ftps. I gather I can do my PG WP files and then just upload to my WP contents folder – I hope.

If this is about developing a WordPress theme with Pinegrow, because the process is to work on your local computer, there is zero need to use a FTP client.
It’s all about installing a local WordPress using MAMP,, Xamp on your computer (so you have a local WordPress) and configure the theme export path from Pinegrow.

That’s it.

Maybe you should have a look at our WordPress FAQ here: as well as our WordPress support Guidelines here:

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I installed local Mamp 5 years ago and uploaded one theme. Don’t remember anything and am looking forward to using my PG WP.
There are lots of themes out there and I gather I’d need to use PG WP converter. I watched a PG tutorial - love the videos. By the way Pieter ,who recommended PG years ago, said you are the PG WP expert.
Uploading I have 2 options according to my server.
1.Login in to wordpress backend.
2.Click on Media
3.Click on Add New
4.Drag and drop files or Click Select Files
5. Or I can FTP and upload files to the Content folder.