How to use blocks on a static homepage?

Hi there ,
I am trying to get blocks to work on a static homepage but without any luck.
Any change you guys could make a short tutorial on how to use blocks on a static hompage?

Can you clarify a little what you are trying to do? By static homepage, do you mean a plain HTML page? Or, are you talking about a WordPress homepage? Which blocks do you mean?

Wordpress homepage set to static page(home).
What i am trying to do is , i have a bunch of froala blocks on my page and i want to convert them to blocks.

I have one homepage and one blogpage in wordpress.
On my homepage i want to have a bunch of froala blocks as ACF blocks , no blog posts just froala blocks.

My problem is , when i create a new page in wordpress and add the gutenberg blocks and set the page as homepage nothing shows on the front end.

I think i may be doing something wrong when converting the html to wordpress.
I am a bit confused with the new naming and new smart actions that replaces the old ones i used back in the days.

So a new tutorial using all the new smart actions would be awesome.

I also checked the starter theme 2 to maybe find out what i could be doing wrong but that also needs a update since the smart actions has changed such as Show Posts and i think the old one was called Loop. It also does not use the new Wordpress Site where you have the dropdown to select what to export the page as.

Just a precision which will not answer your problematic but which seems to me fundamental for a good understanding: Smart actions (names) does not replace old action names, The Loop is still available in the Loop section of the WordPress actions library.

Smarts actions are combinations of standard WordPress actions (or Standard actions with predefined settings) designed to facilitate the approach to theme creation for users who don’t want or don’t have the opportunity to delve into the fundamentals of WordPress.

For example, Show Posts smart action is a combination of Post Class, The Id and The Loop actions.

Note: Because I’m old school, It is true that the Starter Theme 2 does not use the smart actions but the standard actions which are therefore still available in Pinegrow.

Also, I have to confess that we also had a little hope, by offering the ST2 as open source on Github, that developers would be willing to contribute and help this theme evolve over time.

I would like to take this opportunity to point this out, It’s always possible, all contributions are welcome.

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Thanks Emmanuel for explaining that it’s ok to still use the older actions.
I think it would be very nice to see a tutorial using all the new smart actions where previous tutorial used the older actions just to see how you can do things in a different way.

I loved your latest tutorial and i learned some nice tricks where you did things in a different way then what i do. I think it was the theme converter tutorial think it has got a voice-over because i could not find it again.

Anyway since you are here i got a question for you, how did you make the theme details widget in the admin dashboard on the starter theme 2?

Is this something i can do in pinegrow or do i have to write custom php code?

Themes Info box into the WordPress dashboard is done with a PHP code snippet that you can find in the inc>custom.php file at line 340