HTML and CSS side-by-side

Hi, guys! Please, advice, how to put side-by-side two files in code viewer? Right now I have two tabs and I need to switch between them to see HTML or CSS code. But I’m pretty sure I saw screenshot where HTML code was from the left side of panel and CSS code - from the right. How it can be done?

I know of no way to do this in Pinegrow, but you could probably set it up like this in Atom.

you could try something like this (it looks a bit busy or Clutered - one screen on a laptop, but hoping to play with the multi screen beta tomorrow.

it’s not ENTIRELY as you asked but its pretty close and with the other monitor I could get close.

MY HTML code view is below the page view (but can now pop the panel out and float it alongside the
CSS Styles on the right, in the styles panel.

with more room all this can be expanded. all the styles are viewed are listed in the blue on the right for THAT STYLE SHEET (there are various style sheets) and all the pretty stuff to the left of that is for the FRAMEWORK STYLES (ie, Bootstrap etc)

you can view this way of the stylesheets by clicking on MANAGE STYLESHEETS in the slightly cluttered stylesheet interface. I will stick some images up If this is of some help. but as its not exactly what you asked for I wont go wild with images unless you ask.

So my version looks like this

well actually I couldn’t help myself so I\ve done some picture editing madness to help you anyway.

so you can have EACH STYLE SHEET open in a seperate tab and now with floating panels, you could float your HTML code view panel near it.

If this helps great, if not, ignore it or it might give someone ideas for a better solution for you :slight_smile:
Ive been playing around with layouts lately based on other peoples views, it’s quite liberating :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can pull out the individual CSS SHEET TABS from the style viewer in the current version of the Pinegrow Floating tabs panel, But I suppose once all its beta wierdnesses resolve, being able to view separate style sheets next to each other, as well as the html code code be a Bonus!

But there are always other text editor apps for that too with better search functions etc etc.

Thank you, guys! I hope developers will implement this idea.