I'm creating a Bootstrap 4 Plugin and need to know how to load it as default instead of v3

So I created a plugin for Boostrap v4 but when I open a page that has boostrap v4 Pinegrow activates the Bootstrap 3 plugin and not the bootstrap 4 plugin I created.

did you activate your plugin and deactivate the default bootstrap one in the activation screen?

Yes, I decided to just remove boostrap 3 since nothing seemed to be working. Must be something somewhere in a script that calls boostrap 3 by default.

I just add boostrap v3 back as an external plugin so I can still activate it when I need to but now Bootstrap v4 is the default

are you using the beta 4 version? Apparently next week is the time table for the release of version 4 as mentioned in the slack beta channel I believe.

Current beta is version 3

I’m using beta 2, that’s what’s on the site. http://getbootstrap.com/

Oh, if you’re talking about the Pinegrow plugin for Bootstrap 4, I created my own. We’ll I’m still creating it. I just add a little more to it everyday, but if the Pinegrow team is about to release their own Bootstap 4 plugin then that’s good to know.

I meant Pinegrow Beta 4 which is going to be released to full next week from the information in the Slack channel.

I’ve already made an improvement to the bootstrap 4 functionality. I don’t know where I should ask for these types of things to be added to the core project.

Feature requests in the Slack channel will be your best bet, second best is the Feature Request in the forum.