Way to tell Boostrap version?

I’ve been creating a site (starting from a blank HTML page from the Pinegrow ‘New’ menu)… and suddenly realized that the Bootstrap 3 template is actually above the Bootstrap 4 item in the selection list… and now I’m paranoid that I had pressed the Boostrap 3 template when I started the project a week ago.

Is there something in the code that indicates the Boostrap version? I can’t seem to find anything, but figured maybe the inclusion/exclusion of something, or the structure of the header, might indicate the version number.

Also, should I be using Boostrap 4? is there any disadvantage to using that over Bootstrap3?

By the looks of the Plugin Manager screen, I only have Boostrap 4 activated… yet I can’t help but feel I have been pressing the Boostrap 3 item in the template list (since it’s at the top of the list). If Boostrap 4 is the only one activated, what exactly WOULD selecting the Bootstrap 3 item do? Use Bootstrap 4?

There are small differences between 3 and 4. The biggest one is the introduction of flexbox for layouts. Another is native support for modals. Most everything else is pretty minor.

One way to confirm your Bootstrap version is to look at the bootstrap.js/bootstrap.min.js or bootstrap.css/bootstrap.min.css files. There will be a comment block at the beginning that will tell you the exact version. However, checking in the “File” -> “Manage libraries & plugins…” modal is fine as well. Pinegrow won’t let you have both versions of Bootstrap active on one page. You have to unload one before the other is loaded.

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Thanks for the reply. I think my pages are Boostrap4, since I do have Flex items on my page (…I assume they wouldn’t be available in the attributes panel if I was on a Boostrap3 project?

I do know that Bootstrap4 is activated in my Plugins Manager, and Bootstrap3 is not… so, I’d normally assume that pretty much solves that… although I just got a bit concerned, as it SEEMS that you can still select a Bootstrap3 starting template, regardless.

I’ll check those files, as you suggested, to be sure.

Is it easy to switch a Boostrap3 project to Boostrap4? Is it just a declaration, or are there different files/coding?