Import Pinegrow huge project from Mac to Windows unworkable!


It’s the second time now this month that I had to open a Pinegrow project that was created on Mac in Pinegrow on Windows.

It’s a huge site with 4 languages and multiple responsive sized images around 850 mb. Every single image and file has copies!

The project opens no problem, but the amount of copy ghost files of all files is overwhelming and takes a long time to delete! I need to make the site functional for Pinegrom CMS Windows, but work on Mac my self.

Can you please implement a Mac import function in the Windows version of Pinegrow that deletes all unnecessary files for Windows in one click, because this is unworkable!?

Overall I love Pinegrow and use it every day!

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Maybe you can have a look at: or

Would it be possible to implement a converter in the Windows version of Pinegrow? I have a client that works also on both Mac and Windows and want to use the Pinegrow CMS. Don’t see the client using the terminal. And think it would great if I don’t have to do that too.

It’s a classic example of the delicate relationship between Mac and Windows, and there are some pretty effective ways to prevent this kind of situation - personally, I don’t really see an opportunity for this kind of functionality in Pinegrow.

For example, and this is just one of many ways, use a revision manager such as GIT with your partner and set up an IGNORE for Mac OS specific files so that they are not included in your working files. You can also use a tool such as FolderWasher (, available for Mac and Windows. This tool is no longer maintained but it still does the job. You can finally use the command line as recommended by the links I posted earlier etc …

But this is only my opinion :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion of FolderWasher. Works in 1 sec for a 1 gig website. Can you not create a plugin for Pinegrow based on this app? I ratter use a drop in app like this instead of the terminal on the Mac. :wink: and this can be used on both Windows & Mac.

In macOS just use Automator to create a Service to accomplish this.

Once complete you will have access easily through the right-click contextual menu on your files. You can also easily use it to create a simple App with a similar method. Creating either is easy to setup once, then you can use it whenever needed. You can make the related Script as complex or as simple as you like. Here is a simple run through of that above described approach and here is another example of also creating a zip as well. Keep in mind each link is older so just modernize and expand either if you require.

A simple right click that you can use anytime seems just as good as anything once you easily get it set up in a few minutes.

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