Project from Mac to Windows creates strange files and folders


I moved a Pinegrow project without any problem from Windows 10 to Mac latest Catalina and when I move the project back to Windows I get strange grayed out duplicates of folders and files that appear only in Sublime Text 3. On the Mac all looks normal in Pinegrow and Sublime text.

Not related to Pinegrow.
These are specific files automatically generated by macOS (which are invisible from the macOS finder view but can be seen from the Terminal and seen from other systems like Windows)

Ok did not know that thanks for the info! Can I remove them? I mean they don’t end up on my server when uploading the site? They contain a lot of data.

Yes. no worries, you can safely remove these files.

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Ha! After all these years Mac still uses that crazy dual file system where each file has a data fork and resource fork. Backwards compatibility I guess. Blech!

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