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Installing Node.js on macOS

Howdy there,

What would be the prescribed method of installing Node.js on a Mac? Brew? nvm? If you install with nvm is it best to set that up under git? I’m completely wet behind the ears on this and am looking for some expert advice so that I can do it correctly.


These type of questions are FAR beyond the users of this forum. Some know what you are talking about but this isn’t a coding forum. Basic CSS and Html at best here.

You will find more of what you want at stackoverflow or other related forums.

If you need a course on Node.js my defacto course site I go to is Academind, a creator on Udemy, has Node.Js courses but you must already know Javascript ES6 before using or trying to code anything for Node.

@Terry44 - I do thank you VERY much for your help. I’ll go make an account over at stackoverflow and start searching the already asked questions there before I ask so as to avoid a black eye. :grinning:

I took your advice and googled for an Academind coupon and I got a dandy. I picked up a pile of their courses, including the one on Node, for less than it costs to fill up the tank on my truck. Thanks again! Oh, and the Node course is back-burnered until I get that Javascript ES6 course taken care of.

Hi Miles,

Of course you can ask it on this forum!

Just follow a small tutorial like this:

When you have everything installed and you know how to open NPM you search for tutorials about working with NPM.

I give you an example (I’m on Windows, but the basics are the same).

You create a project folder say “My-Project-01” in Windows I would do that on the C drive under Users and my name, but you can CD in any location. You only have to find out how to do this on a Mac.
This is only to give you an idea how it works.
In the meantime I would open the project in Sublime 3 text editor to see the project and work with it.
(it’s free for demo use and fully functional)

Open NPM and:

Install Gulp Globally at first before anything else:

$ npm -g install gulp

Then I open NPM again and you see in my case:


After the $ sign I type:

$ CD My-Project-01

I click on enter and I see:

David@DESKTOP-2A2S3DO MINGW64 ~/My-Project-01

Now NPM is in my directory!

I go to Github:

Click on the green button and copy the clone URL and paste it to NPM:

Like so:

David@DESKTOP-2A2S3DO MINGW64 ~/My-Project-01
$ git clone

Click enter and the Bootstrap 4 boilerplate with SASS installs from Github in your project folder.

In the Sublime text editor you can now read the instructions that come with this repository that you have to follow after cloning:

# Bootstrap 4 boilerplate with sass and gulp 4 A Bootstrap 4.1.3 boilerplate with font-awesome, sass, gulp 4 tasks, browserSync (with hot-reloading). You can override bootstrap sass variables by placing those variables inbootstrap-4-sass-gulp-4-boilerplate/assets/scss/_bootstrap_variable_overrides.scss`


Install Gulp Globally

$ npm -g install gulp

Getting started

  1. Clone repository:
    git clone

  2. Change directory:
    cd bootstrap-4-sass-gulp-4-boilerplate

  3. Install all dependencies and libraries:
    npm install

  4. Run Gulp Task:

  • gulp - To compile scss to css, minify css and js and build ready for production files in dist folder.

  • gulp dev - Starts a local server with browserSync and hot reloading on changes to files (HTML, SCSS, JS).

It looks intimidation at first, but It’s easy when you get in to it.

Warm Regards,

Hi David - @AllMediaLab ,

Thank you very much for running me through how to install node.js and use npm. I appreciate it. I had installed it yesterday but I ended up going on a mission to get rid of it and then seeing about installing it as a newer version after I started to have issues with some things that I wanted to do not working. I’m not sure if it was because I had chosen to use the LTS version of node or not. Perhaps it is better to use the bleeding edge version?

That git repository that you pointed out in your demonstration is right up my alley too, so thanks for that. I want to learn all of these different web technologies correctly but at the same time I need to share some information with folks on a completely different subject and I wish to use very simple Bootstrap pages to do so. I might see about putting in a Tipue search script as well to make it easy to find things that I post for them. I have a VPS that I just dropped the new Debian 10 on and set up so that I could do this on and am looking to set up git there so that I can just work on the site local and then update the changes to the VPS.

I’ll go look a bit more into nvm and see if it might be better for me to skip the LTS version of node and use nvm to manage the install(s) and then I’m going to see about cloning that git repository that you showed us as.

Thanks again, David. Much appreciated!