? - Is possible to generate a minified css from scss?

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i was wondering if there’s a way to add to the json file the instruction to creat a style.min.css as well as the compiled version of the scss? If not, it might be a nice idea to have somewhere in the future.


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@matjaz @Emmanuel Maybe I expressed wrong the question - I try to explain better. My wonder is of we can export a min.css file as well as .css file (that we can already do) or do we need to manually convert the end file before deployment to the server.

Your question was clear :slight_smile:
Pinegrow does not have a built-in function to minify your CSS files. You’ll have to leave this step to another application/script/automation before going into production.

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ok, good to know my English is not that crap :- )

thanks for the rapid answer, have a good day