Just Curious about nwjs

Lenovo, Win10

I just updated to PG Pro 5 and its executable placed a new (nwjs) icon on my taskbar. Are the folks at PineGrow now using this framework’s icon fw rather than a the standard PG icon fw or should I be looking to use another one from the application folder?

This is no biggie - - like I said, I’m just curious why nwjs icon is being used.

Pinegrow is built using Node.js so it’s possible it defaulted to the frameworks icon if it didn’t find pinegrows icons?

I am not using WIndows 10 as my default operating system and have the Pine cone icon in my taskbar on Windows 7 Pro.

Updated 11/19/21
I just reinstalled Pinegrow on a new Mac Parallels Windows 10 VM but the nwjs icon displays in the taskbar - not the Pinegrow app’s icon (pinecone). How do I get the Pinegrow icon to display in the Windows 10 taskbar and not the nwjs icon? I didn’t have this problem when I installed PG for Windows on my PC - - just on my Mac Parallels Windows 10 VM.
Any ideas?

Hi @randyrie,
We will have to check this out. Thanks for letting us know.

For me it displays a hexagon and mouse over is nwjs. It only does this if it is pinned tot the taskbar. If I start the program if it is unpinned I see the blue square with the abstract pine cone design.