Linking domain url and allowing Pinegrow to host

I’m just curious how I link google domain to Pinegrow. I have my domain and I’m struggling to figure out how to link the two.

You don’t.

Pinegrow is a website builder/editor. It does not “put your website on the internet.” That you must do yourself by purchasing a hosting package (space on a web server) from a hosting provider (like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc…) and uploading the files that Pinegrow produces to that space.

A web server is basically a remote computer that has a full-time connection to the internet. When you purchase a hosting package, you are given an account with a unique “I.P. address” (four numbers separated by periods) which represents a space on that computer, and in that space is a folder where you can upload your website files.

Then, through your hosting account, you “connect” the domain you own to that unique I.P. address, so when someone types your domain into a web browser, it translates it to the I.P. address, and their browser then displays the files in your website folder (one of which will be named index.html that represents your “home page.”)

To get the files on to the web server, you upload them, either via an FTP (file transfer protocol) program such as FileZilla (which is free) or in most cases the hosting provider will have a utility (like C-Panel) in your hosting account which you can use to upload your files.

This sounds a lot more complex than it actually is, but if you’ve never done it before, there is a slight learning curve. It took me a couple of hours of research to figure all this stuff out on my own about 10 years ago.

So your next step would be to decide where you want to buy your hosting package, and then follow the instructions that the host provides on connecting your domain and uploading your website (the files produced by Pinegrow.) Hosting is relatively inexpensive if you only have one website (usually just a few dollars a month) and if it’s just a simple, static website, a shared hosting package is sufficient. For very large sites that have thousands of visitors each day, you’d generally get a VPS (virtual private server) or an actual private webserver, which costs more.

There are many hosting providers out there. You can Google and do research to find which ones are the oldest, cheapest, most reliable, most admired by developers, etc… or just buy your hosting from the same place your bought your domain. This often is the easiest choice, since in most cases you won’t even have to bother with connecting your domain, the host will do it automatically. Then you just follow their instructions on how to upload your files. While I don’t personally care for GoDaddy, they are popular, reliable and easy to use.

Hope this helps you out.

Thank you. =) I will take this acquired knowledge and do great things with it.