Linux version enforces root access?

On Mint 18.0/64 I cannot launch PWE as a default user; it cannot be done by
simply clicking on the Pinegrow icon (as it is in the 2x version)
whereas the drag&drop method generates the following warning:

Line 1: command not found
Line 3: -c: command not found

However, as a root, I can easily launch the app

Anyone experiences similar issues? Any solutions?

Works fine after upgrage to Mint 18.1…

Running Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon 64-bit [3.2.7] does not work in both user/root. The file Pinegrow.desktop is not marked as executable by default and it does not change status when edited from root. There is no other executable files to launch the app?

same issues with Ubuntu 16.04 but except with root, it also runs with guest user, but strange not with the default user. changing permissions using chmod, and so on, it does not work… no desire to reinstall the whole system cause is a problem with the permissions rights, don’t have too much time narrow down the issue

a solution is - not the most comfortable, but it works - with a two-line command in the console after unzip in the folder e.g. /opt/pinegrow then creating a script in /usr/local/bin e.g. and make it executable.

Example :

cd /opt/pinegrow

$ chmod +x

pinegrow can not be started with a doubleclick on the file also not in the terminal with sudo – it starts but does not work - works only with:

$ sudo su 

a .desktop file won’t work also

would be nice if someone has a different solution, otherwise keep it until the next LTS version