Local fix for tailwindui plugin not working in last version of pinegrow web editor

Me and probably many more (i know at least two more), not being able to work with the tailwindui framework since the last version of pine grow, (5.98?).
Getting this response when logging in: 419 | PAGE EXPIRED

I think the problem might be that there is a .dot in the domain of a cookie + set to secure + lax. This inside an iframe doesn’t work well.
So to hack around this and use tailwindui framework, heres how:

  1. Login to your tailwindui account in chrome and get dev tools open
  2. Press f12 in pinegrow to get dev console up.
  3. Then, copy & paste all keys and values from application->cookies from chrome into pinegrows cookies. This is replacing the logged in session.
  4. Remove the dot in the domain name where it says “.tailwindcss.com”.
  5. Force reload pine grow, ctrl+shift+r(win) cmd+r(osc)
  6. Reload the plugin from the down arrow in plugins toolbar->reload
  7. Press back once, and you are logged in.

Quite messy, yea…

But far more easier than my previous attempts to get around this, by writing a plugin that uses a local scraped copy of tailwindui component library.

Probably easiest fix for pinegrow devs. is to try and disable cors, if possible, or maybe have a local proxy that replaces cookie values and iframe that one in the framework.

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I am having the exact same issue, just signed up and using tailwind ui, but when I go to load the ui library, it just shows me: 419 page expired.

Thank you for the solution, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to use this feature, and as a new customer it’s upsetting.

I don’t want to have to do this more than once, so please fix this issue. :frowning: :frowning:

I want a refund. Pinegrow keeps eating its own turd, and I am not interested in copy pasting cookies each time I want to use tailwind. It doesn’t even remember my password. wtf.

@rslav TailwindUI is a third-party site and we have no control over their server setup and the way how they set their session cookies. We are looking for a solution that will let users open TWUI in the Library panel, without copy-pasting cookies.

please let me know, i am willing to resubscribe to a plan once done on your end, i hate copy pasting as well, and prefer using scss.