Master pages and "optional" <script> tags for SignalR etc

Pretty new to Pinegrow. Love it so far.
I’m using a Master page in my project. I have a couple of pages that require SignalR but most do not.
I could just include them in the “content” area but then i must move all my bootstrap, and JQuery scripts to the top of the page to work properly.

In my master page i included a script tag that is editable that follows all the includes that i need on every page. (bootstrap, JQuery, etc.) and that’s where i put my custom scripts for each page. So i get all my javascript at the end of the page.

But what is the best accepted way to include a “library” on a page but not include it on others?

Thanks in advance for the help,

Hi @mnichols1202,
I guess the answer to this would depend on how you are hosting/delivering your pages. It sounds like some contain server pushed content and some are static? Hard to answer without knowing.
Sounds like you have the Master editing set-up correctly, so with static pages, just don’t load the library by deleting the link. With pushed pages you would only use bandwidth for the head once, so it wouldn’t really matter if you are using the library or not.