Move all style to inline for email and pdf template creation

It would be a wonderful time saver to be able to build a webpage in Pinegrow using Bootstrap (or any other CSS file) and then have a functionality to move all style properties inline, to support use where CSS includes are not possible (like email templates for Django or PDF templates for wkhtmltopdf). There is already a ‘move to separate file’ function. This would just do the opposite, but for the whole page.

You could just copy the stylesheet and place it in the HTML using <style></style>
No need to inline the rules.

That’s a decent alterative. My idea was that it would combine all styles, between bootstrap, custom css, and anywhere else, and put them inline (or per your suggestion, in the head tag). But I think your workaround should suffice

So on second thought, I would still love to see some sort of email creator built into Pinegrow. Would make life much easier!

I started to put together a plugin based loosely on the Acorn Email framework. I got side-tracked on another little project, but I may come back to it soon if others chime in with interest. One problem with moving styles to the head is that some email clients strip the head, and hence all the styling. Emails are a bit of a PITA to tell the truth.
Having said that, I think Foundation has an online tool for inlining CSS. Obviously it would be nicer to have it “in house” but it could solve the problem for now.

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