Pinegrow 3 pro - Emails and inline css


I would like to create an inline css email template, is there a way to create inline styles in pinegrow 3.07 please?


Certainly! Just select the element and use the visual editor to style it out. It should (and did in my quick test) create the properties as inline styles the like:

<section style="background-image: url('img/bg-image.jpg');display: block;margin: 20px"></section>



Hello Thomas, I am not sure I understand.

I was looking for an “export” button that adds up all the necessary css class inline automatically.
Having everything done manually is too time consumming.

ie: You design the whole project using bootstrap 3 kind of layout and have an export function that places only the used classes inline.

I hope you understand.

Yep - I think I do.

While I’m not aware of all of the new features and stuff within Pinegrow, I don’t think that PG currently has this feature (only the other way round - turning an inline-style into a class style). But admittedly I could think of having this feature wouldn’t be that bad.

It could work as a two-step action, something like:

Merge all classes applied to one “super-class”

This would be pretty helpful if you’re working with frameworks and some of your classes only have one property applied to.

Move the “super-class” inline

Creating eMail templates requires inline-styles. So this would be the use-case.

@Emmanuel Worth turning this to a feature request?



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Hi Thomas,

Yes exactly! This would be fantastic! From time to time customers want special looking emails and the inline css is just a lot of work…especially when you try to match a design like boostrap where many classes won’t be used in the final.

Hope they will include this in the future version as it will help a lot of people.

One small caveat:

Never do the “Client Wants …” approach and don’t go too fancy with email templates. As we all know, it’s difficult enough getting them consistent cross mail-clients. I’d never would do them by monster frameworks. All they have to do is transporting content and meaningful messages.

It’s our job making them work and all a client has to do is applauding when we accomplished our goals. My five cents.



Hi Thomas, Yes I totally understand what you mean but unfortunately, certain clients prefer sexy newsletters over usefulness to keep up with the beauty of a brand. I wish everyone could think the same way but, sometimes I have to follow what I am being told to follow or lose the contracts. Coding is tough lol.