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Multi-screen support


Let’s try with Option A


Option A

WIth ability to dock and undock panels / windows. Merge two panels together into one window and also uncombine panels each panel in it’s own window. I don’t see why page views couldn’t also be windowized and moved around from screen to screen.

Having one all inclusive window as is now and then have the ability to grab any panel, page, control and move it out of the parent window and into it’s own window.

There are a few paint programs I use that allow you to manually create windows and then drag and drop controls, paint brushes, panels to the new window and organize things how you want and then save these work space layouts.

Sometimes I want everything in one window and sometimes I want things out in their own on separate monitors, depends what I am doing at the time and how many other applications I am using.


I will create a new feture request topic for this but while you are working on the multi-monitor windowizing feature can you also add the ability to arrange individual controls and menu items into panels / windows?


I tried Pinegrow for a while and it’s fantastic and would consider using this exclusively before Dreamweaver and MS VS Code/ Atom/ Brackets/ etc. BUT with no dual-monitor support I un-installed it and have gone back to VS Code.


We’re working on supporting panels in proper floating windows for PG 5.1. This will being significant productivity benefits for users with multiple screens, and also more flexibility for organizing the layout on a single screen systems. We will do a round of beta testing on this feature. If you’re interested please join the #beta5_1 channel on Slack. We’ll post the beta version there later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

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PG 5.1 Beta version (called 5.05) for Mac and Win is available for download from the #beta5_1 channel on Slack

Panels and code editor can be floated into separate windows. Panels can also be moved around from window to window.

Thanks for taking the beta for a spin. If you find any issues, please post them on the #beta5_1 channel on Slack.

One click to open/second click to close accordian

I have to say that version 5.21 what was talked about in this thread has been implemented quite nice. Not 100% perfect but very usable.