Will Pinegrow 3 have multiple monitor support?

One of the things bugging me like crazy is the lack of support for multiple monitors with the current Pinegrow.
As a programmer i am used to 3 monitors to work on however I can’t drag anything outside the main monitor with the current Pinegrow version.

I think most developers and programmers work with more then one monitor so I think it would be great to get it in Pinegrow.
Now the horrible treeview is taking up most of the screen and that just sucks.


I agree with multiple monitor support. I design on an ultrawide monitor at home, but the laptop/monitor combo I have at work isn’t ideal. The tree works best on the side, but it would be awesome to move it to another monitor in portrait mode…

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This would add a lot of value for me as well. I work in cafes a lot on an older 13 inch MBP, so hooking up an iPad to the display is a must if I want to be efficient.

I believe this is coming a little further down the track but for now - what I do is stretch the main PG window between my monitors so it covers 2 of my monitors. Then rearrange the palettes and resize to suit your work habits. I know this is not ideal and a bit fiddly but it allows you to have what you need where you need it

I strongly support this feature request!
Supporting multiple monitors is a basic feature at least for those who said good-bye to Adobe’s DW and the other Adobe Big Things.
Thanks for the tipp: stretching the PG-Window over the two monitors. But sure: it’s really not more than an emergency solution.


Pssst! here’s another tip… we’re on PineGrow 4(.3) now…not 3! so, here’s to wishing :slight_smile:

Autsch! But well: I’m on Pinegrow 4.3 [Pro Personal :-)] too!
Nevertheless I’m a bloody newbee to this program. For all I checked and tried, it is still not possible to use multiple monitors - is that right?!

unfortunately yes, that is correct atm, not possible. apart from the *stretching across8 trick. but, the PG TEAM are pretty smart and they read these, so If it can be done, it will be done …somewhere along thier roadmap

Yes, it sort of works by stretching the Pinegrow window across to the second monitor dividing in between the sections. Though if you are also using another software at the same time this is not an ideal solution.

+1 for this feature.
It seems that the “un-docking” of a panel is already available with the in-app help window. Could it be simply applied to the other panels?

That would be a considerable improvement.

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I know this is primarily a user support forum, but I assume the Devs monitor this topic. Can anyone comment on the status of this feature request? Is it on the “to-do” list? If so, is it months away? If multi-monitor support isn’t going to be coming out at least in 2018, I think I’ll have to break down and buy a 2k, 27" monitor. The standard workspace is just too crowded.

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I would also really like to see multiple monitor support implemented into Pinegrow. I was not aware of Pinegrow until yesterday when I saw it mentioned by a user in a DMXzone Wappler forum where I was beta testing that program. I was very impressed with the concept and UI of Pinegrow… really well done! I have now purchased the Pro plus WP version and can see this becoming one of my main developing tools.

Multiple monitor support would further increase the speed of the development process and really improve the workflow.

I can see that there has been much ongoing regular improvements to the program, so a big thanks to the team for that and hopefully we will see multiple monitor support in the near future.


Matjaz just responded to an email I sent, and he stated that multi-monitor support is on their “to do list” and they “hope to have it soon.”

Knowing how awesome these devs are with updates, and responding to user suggestions, I am sure we’ll be seeing it soon.

IMO, this is the gold-standard of a software company. When you actually interact with the people using your product, and listen to their suggestions and desires, the program improves quickly, and the word-of-mouth about how good it is spreads just as fast. For example, I’m pretty active on Quora, and people there ask every day what program they can use to build their website, or how they can learn CSS or HTML, and I’m constantly recommending Pinegrow.

I am going to take a guess and say it won’t be seen until mid version 5. Lets see how close I am with my guess.

I think its a bit different than with native apps.

NWJS has various capabilities for separate app windows across monitors etc., but various refactoring across the app is obviously needed for implementation of getting it in place after the fact.

Good to know its being worked upon.


Just replying here to add my support to this feature request, would LOVE to be able to utilize my full work space.