Native WP actions for MetaBox

With Meta Box’s popularity rising, I think it would be beneficial for Pinegrow to have native support for it rather than relying on get_post_meta() or custom functions to call Meta Box’s own wrappers.

It seems that the action would be easy enough to create and it could help tick a box for people evaluating Pinegrow and would be some low hanging fruit marketing-wise.

It seems to me that an action for rwmb_meta() would take care of most use cases.

The other functions like get_field_settings(), get_registry(), and get_object_fields() would be nice to have but they aren’t what most of us need on a daily basis.


Just getting started with the WP plugin and have seen the ACF integration.

I have moved from ACF to Meta Box and would love a native Meta Box plugin and to repeat what Adam has been said, it would be a great marketing point too.

Is this on the roadmap?

Sorry, I don’t have an immediate answer to the initial request, but I have a question for you both.
What made you leave ACF for MetaBox?
What are the technical advantages?

In the meantime, I found this comparison: ACF vs MetaBox December 2022 - Detailed Comparison For Agencies & Professionals - Isotropic

@Emmanuel I can’t answer for the anyone else but my decision to use MetaBox over ACF came about purely and simply because I was able to lock myself into a great deal.

I have used ACF and it’s a perfectly competent product. So too is MetaBox and I haven’t yet found myself wishing that I had something else.

Would it be nice to have some sort of more formal integration. Of course it would but as things stand MetaBox is still useable.

Now that the WP plugin has been officially launched what I really do envisage you being asked for, and for which I think a very good case could be made for at least a good tutorial if nothing else is how to make something like Facet WP integrate easily into the Pinegrow mix.

Guess I’d better add that one to my own TODO list!

I haven’t left ACF for metabox. At least, not completely. In fact, I prefer ACF most of the time since everything integrates with it so nicely and most developers already know it.

On larger sites though. Meta Box has the huge advantage of being able to store data in a separate table, making it much faster than ACF. And, while you can get regular custom fields using the get_post_meta() function, the only way to get more advanced field data or data from custom tables is to the Meta Box’s rwmb_met() function, which acts similarly to ACF’s get_field().

Some other advantages of Meta Box are the lifetime license, the all-in-one solution for fields, post types, the meta box views extension, and the admin columns extension.

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Mainly Meta Box has CPT built in so no need for another plugin to update/monitor/worry about security etc etc but also the LTD deal which was a no brainer really. Bought to test another option to ACF and prefer it now to ACF.

The UI is/was better than ACF (although they now have updated it) plus with all the ACF acquisitions who knows what the future holds. It’s now with WP Engine I believe.