Need a better "Optimize HTML" tool

I’m just learning Pinegrow while I renovate ~ 100 web pages making them responsive. Currently, I need to run pages generated by Pinegrow through MS-FrontPage-2003 where I only run the “Optimize HTML Tool” which can reduce Pinegrow page sizes by 30-40% (indent with tabs; remove HTML leading white space; limit no-HTML lines to 132 characters, etc). I’m sure that a tool like this would make Pinegrow a little more useful

that sounds like formatting more than optimization…

PG has the option to auto format your files on save, look for it under the Support/Settings menu

Auto-format HTML code

personally, i would be afraid to run my html pages thru anything that old… FrontPage was never really very good at web design, and that was at least 2-3 standards ago.

if your want the latest formatting help, the html editor VSCode has a built in format feature that i use and works better than the PG one.

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I agree with your point of view. However, it seems a weird that an old tool inside FrontPage can do a better job than most of the plugins I’ve seen in Code Visual Studio. Now I know that FP hails from a time before 4G but just because we’ve got a faster network doesn’t mean that I feel comfortable serving superfluous white space

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There is also a setting to use tabs rather than spaces. Have to admit that I never realized how much bandwidth it could save.