Need help with Summer Nights tutorial

I’m only a minute-and-a-half into the Summer Nights PG tutorial and I’m stuck on an issue I can’t figure out.

Trying to change the first p paragraph into H1 heading. (REALLY basic, I know) But when I control-click [mac] into the paragraph I get something different than what your video shows. I don’t see “change p to … whatever”, I only see “insert … whatever”

In the video the menu just sort of appears - I’m not sure exactly what you did to get there. But I can’t make it work, so I need help.

The Summer Nights Tutorial shows this:

My Pinegrow shows this:

What am I doing wrong?
I’ve tried double-clicking, every keyboard combo I can think of, looked at settings, played with the workspace, tried different ways of clicking into the paragraph, and I just can’t get to the menu you show in the video. Help please. And thanks in advance.

I’m on Pinegrow 5.92

Since Pinegrow v5.4, they “redesigned and improved” the “element context menu”. That’s why the layout and contents is changed a bit. What you are looking for is now located under the sub section “transform”.

See the v5.4 release notes, for some more info about the changes in the “element context menu”.

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I also never figured this out!
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Now I can move ahead.

I had tried a few items on that menu, but “transform” wasn’t one of them.


i always pick these elements from the Tree view when i’m going transform an element like this. seems like picking things from the preview area is kind of a crapshoot.