New dashboard for your PG licenses - Testers needed

Hi All!

We have a new dashboard for managing Pinegrow licenses and would be grateful if you can take it for a spin.

The new My Pinegrow dashboard shows all your Pinegrow licenses and subscriptions, and lets you upgrade, renew and cancel.

Bonus: the annual Thanksgiving sale discounts for renewals and upgrades are already active on the new dashboard.

Login is implemented with an access link sent to your email address.

Start here:

Please report any issues here in this thread, or to our support at




Looks all good, but instead of letting all users keep their email for later use of the dashboard I think it’s a bit more user friendly to implement this in the Pinegrow app. Just a dashboard icon somewhere in the app that gives you access to your licences and shows discounts or new features. I bit like the extended coffee cup icon. A login (that is missing now) also seems to be more in line with the European Privacy Law!

There is one error when you click on the 35% discount link you see:

  • Renewal price per licence (without discount): US$58.20 *

Should this not be: (including discount) ?


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Thanks David @AllMediaLab! Good catch, fixed now.

Often, organizations are using a single PG serial code for all their users (that’s a feature that makes license management easier for them). But such users should not access the account management features. So, we can’t implement access based on the email + serial code combination.

Doing email validation is for now the best way, for start. We might have to implement more complex account access / management in the future. Let’s see :slight_smile:

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Hi Matjaz @matjaz ,

But you can see your licence under “license and activate” already in Pinegrow so what’s the difference?

Hi @matjaz this is really nice!

I also see @AllMediaLab’s point of having it visible in app, but your answer makes perfect sense.
I suppose an account login section, for multi user account administrators would be the way forward in the future - which is probably what your alluding to in your reply about needing something more complex in the future.

But for now, seeing ALL the different apps licensing in one place, with renewal dates, whether active (so I guess also expired licences will show up too-with renewal incentives?) is really nice!

This is what I wanted an age ago, when fumbling between all my difference broken/obsolete machines, seeing what I could still run PG products on, and using them before the next advance/demise of a machine! :smiley:

So yes, seeing the number of activations over the year was a bit of a shock too! but I guess thats all the updates as well.

I like it, and I guess @AllMediaLab’s comment about having to keep the email to access the account is valid, but the end result is very nice! maybe just the route to it may change in the future.

Thanks for another useful asset :slight_smile:
ciao for now from Horseland :slight_smile:

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For example, every student could add add-ons (such as WP Builder) to their school’s PG subscription and charge that to their payment method on file. Good for us, but I doubt the school would be happy :slight_smile:


@matjaz the ‘Start here’ link throws me an 500 error. Might be a temporary thing, I guess?

Márton Lente

@martonlente it should be a temporary thing. Please try again.

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Thanks @matjaz, it works fine now, and looks great I think! :slight_smile:

Just a minor notice: The Activations show number 13, even though I only use Pinegrow on three devices – my desktop PC, my Windows laptop, and my Linux laptop. It’d probably be more useful to see the number of current activations.