I bought the monthly pro subscription including interactions and woocomerce and neither show up as purchased

How do I use interactions and woocomerce with Pinegrow. I recently upgraded to a monthly subscription for all options, but the only two not activated is interactions and woocomerce.

I updated the software and re-activated. This did not work for activating either.

How do I activate them?

Thank yiou.

Hello there, have you tried this site and seen what it says about your current licences?
which is active etc?

ah, or this one.
This is the one that sends you a link to check your licence

ah ok you’ve just replied, as I was editing. oops. your quick.

Well, I would have thought that would be showing the correct stuff there with you.

have you tried restarting Pinegrow, letting it reconnect to the big spy in the sky and check its licensing and seeing what it says?

if it still doesnt show up in the app, then send a mail to

but I’d have thought it should be ok?
let me just check my app see what it says

It shows my email, license and this:

  • Licence type: PGWPPRO_PERSONAL
  • Free updates until: 25. January 2024

I upgraded yesterday to the all plugins pro with wordpress, interactions, woocomerce, etc.

My transaction email reads: Your Pinegrow PRO with Interactions, Tailwind Editor, WordPress and WooCommerce - Monthly subscription subscription transaction receipt

What should my license type read?


Yes, I updated the software. I downloaded fresh. I deleted the Pinegrow folder in appdata, re-activated and tried just about everything else. No change.

Time to contact support.


Error, you did not upgrade your one time payment license, you have purchased a new license with monthly subscription.

Contact support if you want to change your mind :slight_smile:

Weird because I did NOT receive a new serial number.


Please, contact the support for more details.

Ah, there’s a competent grown up in the room, so I can shut up and move on now… nothing to see here…all sorted (kind of )

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They have been contacted, along with Paddle support. It will get dealt with.

Thank you.


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The situation is now being handled by the support. The topic is therefore closed.