New.. yahoo sitebuilder orphan... please help

I was using yahoo web hosting & creating my website with Sitebuilder. I had to abandon due to the fact the site is not fluid & in the age of cell phones, that is a business killer.

Is THIS program identical to it in usage to sitebuilder and is it fluid?

Can I create an entire site/store using this program & are there any examples I can see?

How would I publish this to the internet?

I find wix to be absolutely simplistic in comparison. That said, sitebuilder is probably simplistic to your coders and builders. But, I want more control over my content & the ability to move around content in microscopic amounts if I choose. Wix and all others that follow are too limited and I feel like an orphan on the internet right now. I am not pleased with my current website & not sure where to turn.

Any & all advice is welcome. THANK YOU for your time.

There is a lot to unpack with this question, but…
I’ve never used sitebuilder, but based on the small amount I’ve read about it, Pinegrow is quite a bit different.

Pinegrow helps you to write clean HTML and CSS. It also has tools to help you use a number of popular Frameworks like Bootstrap. You can create ANY static site that is out there. It doesn’t play that well with some of the new frameworks like React. It does play well with PHP. You can integrate with PayPal/Square fairly easily. The forum has a section for people to showcase the sites they have built for examples.

Your pages aren’t going to automatically be fluid - that is something that you have to design and implement. If you use a framework, like Bootstrap, as a starting point, this can be fairly easy. Doing it from scratch requires a little more knowledge.

Pinegrow puts you a lot closer to the HTML and CSS source code than many other page builders, but still offers drag-and-drop simplicity. It is a great tool for getting to know HTML and CSS better, but would probably require a little more understanding of code than sitebuilder or Wix. It will offer you the ability to infinitely modify your content (well, within the bounds of web page programming).

With regards to “publishing” your site. Pinegrow is a tool for building web pages, any hosting or uploading of files to that hosting are done outside of Pinegrow. As a negative, you need to know a little bit about setting up your site, but as a positive, you aren’t locked into Yahoo (which then tanks your builder and ability to make updates) or some other proprietary site that can decided to block content or raise prices without any alternative.

My 2 cents (and BTW, full disclosure, I work for Pinegrow).

you are me about 1 yr ago.

i’ve used sitebuilder (or rather tried to) as my hosting service offered it and they still do offer something like it. But it was FAR too limiting for me and i wasn’t looking to add a store or anything so i ended up using NetObjects for the longest time.

However, they didn’t keep up with the times and really didn’t even try to add any responsive features let alone implement CSS grid into it… so about this time last year i settled on PG (Pine Grow) as the solution for me and i was willing to take the time to learn enough html and css to re-create the website like i had with NetObjects, only better.

If ur willing to bite into that apple, i heartily recommend PG. If you want something more click and build like Wix but with more control, you could try my 2nd choice which was Bootstrap Studio.

The deal there tho is you are locked into boostrap (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and they have their own proprietary grid like system and they seem content to limp along with that for now.

Personally i think CSS Grid will eventually displace all these framework specific gird systems and become the way everyone does layouts but we are not there yet. This was my motivation for learning html and css at a time when everyone else was also struggling with css grid it kinda equalized things a bit in my favor.

If you choose to expand your html and css knowledge there are some good online courses (most are free) that have interactive learning right in your browser. I did several of those and also built the assignments in PG as i went.

it was very helpful at getting me up to speed on the new material as well as the PG interface, which i’ve only half jokingly referred to as being dropped into the pilots seat of a modern airliner.

Invest in yourself… it’s the only investment you can’t ever lose.