Own columns for PRJ, LIB, PROP and CSS

May be this request is not logical and only important for me:
With my 4K screen, I would like to view all of the columns (PRJ, LIB, PROP and CSS) side by side.
These are always a few clicks and less time needed to get to the destination.

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It is my understanding that this or similar will be implemented in the upcoming V3

@fishmi Looking at all panels at same time will make it hard for you to focus on what you exactly need to achieve, not only it takes more space but also it takes more of your time, that is my experience and understanding of workflow.

Thank You!

I can not agree with this statement, but I believe everyone has his own preferences for working with panels. Therefore, the user interface should be so flexible that you can adjust it.

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I guess its all about the amount of screen real estate a user has available and their familiarity with the app. If you have enough space and know the app then you probably would see having all this information easily accessible as a positive thing but if you’re a newbie then I think you might suffer from a serious case of information overload and be intimidated by the whole thing, so in a way you’re both right! :slight_smile: