PG 7.1 - PG_Helper_V2 after upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to version 7.1 and am now receiving an error Class: ‘PG_Helper_V2’ not found …
It would appear that the code being generated refers to PG_Helper_V2 but the code in wp_pg_helpers.php does not name this class (possibly wasn’t updated by the installation of version 7.1.)
Any help/advice would be appreciated !

In what situation does this error occur? An old theme that you edit with PG 7.1? Another situation?

It’s in a theme I started about a week ago, using Bootstrap Blocks. After the Update to PG version 7.1 the error suddenly appeared. It would appear that the code generated in index.php refers to the class but the actual helper file does not have the class in it.

@peterg did you export the whole theme after update to 7.1? Quick export on save does not update resource files.

Did Save All, Update the whole project, Export the theme again just now, but the issue is still there.

I’ve rebuilt the theme from source having cleaned and reinstalled PG 7.1.
The issue appears to have gone away.
Please close this issue for the moment.
Thank you

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