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PG DevTool Beta

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This beta version is to test all the main integration of monaco editor and terminal on multiple platforms.

Due to the poor release from my end (Cyberpunk 2077), I have now released a beta version of this wonderful extension for Pinegrow, which will help me improve the release process on this and future plugins created by me for the community of PG.

I spent a day building a docker image to handle release builds for windows and mac which I have added to my github action to cut down cost of getting a mac system for now, some refactoring and figuring out best approach to make this plugin to help speed up our web development. I hope it works, linux version is on the way.

Download the latest release here
Read the docs attached in the downloaded file on how to install and use.
Nodejs must be installed to make terminal work. Download for official site

Please any issue or bugs should be posted at the PGDevTool github repo

Enjoy and this plugin is free but you can Support the development here to help continue in the development and more tools.

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Hi Paul,

Can’t wait to try it! :smiley:

I’m afraid you forgot to put the files in the Github ZIP only the docs are in there. Can you please publish a working PayPal link on this forum? Or mail me?

Regards & Thanks,


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Great! Thanks! Going to try it!

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I can see his paypal link on his github home page as well…

Yes but unfortunately it is blocked he has to change his PayPal preferences so any body can pay with that link. Now you end up in your account try to transfer money but you get a popup saying this account is blocked for paying from an account.

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Hi Paul, Could you please elaborate about the node js install? And show the exact path it has to be installed to? Thanks David