PG6 units problem/bug

Hello! Thanks for your work with PG6!
It’s super to have a choice with units in CSS Panel. But some css properties don’t need unit like line-height, and when you put a number without unit, px is the default choice… 1.25 become 1.25px!

Edit: This problem is for all properties that don’t need unit, as Flex Child Order too, etc.

Hi @Jerome,
Thanks a lot for your bug report. It has now been fixed and we believe we have corrected any other fields that can/should be unitless. Sorry for the problem. Can you let us know if you find any additional problems of this sort?
Thanks and apologies,

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Thanks for your answer. The update is automatic or a new download must be done?

It should be automatic.

Yes after PG reload, the update was done. Merci!

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