Potential Less Compile bug in PG 5.7

I am trying to incorporate a fairly complex set of LESS components/mixins. Using a GUI compiler (Koala) or a compiler for Visual Studio Code (Easy LESS v1.4.5) it compiles with no errors. When I try to use the same style sheets in PG I get an error:
Properties must be inside selector blocks. They cannot be in the root in file at 886:0
I’m not sure what version of LESS PG is utilizing.

The LESS styling is part of the UIkit framework and can be accessed at: https://github.com/uikit/uikit
The files are located in the src/less folder. Both compilation of the uikit.less and uikit.theme.less result in the same error.

Side question: Is it possible to get debugging turned on? So either line numbers or mapping?

Thanks a lot for the feedback.
This one will be fixed in our next version. :slight_smile:


All fixed, thank you!!