Version 7 on macOS Mojave

Will version 7 work not on Mojave ? I don’t intend on upgrading till I get a new MBP in the near future.


We don’t have any Macs running Mojave (macOS 10.14.6) anymore. We are pretty confident BUT we can’t confirm that Pinegrow 7 works flawlessly on this system.

Note: If you test this use case, we are interested in your feedback.

Ill try it on my other laptop later.
V7 runs fine on my M1 Monteray, with non of those Profile deleting steps required in the bugs section.

I run Mojave on my other mac laptop

I’m currently running 6.7 PRO on my macOS Mojave. Didn’t update / upgrade post last installation.

Here ya go!


And again, this has booted up, without deleting properties/profiles etc while having *QUITE A FEW other PG versions installed too.
Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 13.30.31

I have other Older Operating systems installed too for testing (everything from Snow Leopard (PG cuts off at 2.9 .51 or something on this?) up to Mojave on Intel, then a gap until Monterey on M1 Silicon.

Just in case other things need testing at some point… not that I spend much time infront of a screen as of late, unless its taking a photo of a horse on a phone screen <3