Please update Bootstrap 5!

Can you please update Bootstrap 5 to the latest version, or create a possibility to update Bootstrap in the Pinegrow app?


Prefer if Bootstrap 5.2.0 can be included.

@AllMediaLab @anjanesh BS 5.2.0 is ready for the next release. Hope to get it out soon.


Sorry if I’m stressing here, but it’s starting to get a bit annoying to manually load the latest BS version for each project. Are there any news on when we can calculate to have at least BS 5.2.0 included in the PG-Live version?! :slight_smile: :face_holding_back_tears:


Hello @Wolfgang.Hartl !

Thanks for your question.
Indeed, Bootstrap 5.2 is currently only available with the production version of Pinegrow (6.8) and not with Pinegrow live. (where the default version is 5.1.1)

Currently, the official public version of Bootstrap is at version 5.2.2 today as well as TailwindCSS is at version 3.2.1 and updates for the Production and Live versions are in the work and planned for the coming weeks.

Cheers (as well :))

Hey @Emmanuel thanks for your response.

No worries, all good, just wanted to put a small reminder. I normally don’t export BS anyway, but i make heavy use of the ‘text-bg-**’ classes since 5.2 and that’s why I’m asking.

Sounds good, not planning to start a new Project the next 2-3 Weeks, but only god knows if my plans come true! :wink: