Pinegrow Theme Converter and Rocketcake compatibilty

Hi, I am new here. I am using a free version of Rocketcake, a drag and drop responsive website maker. I like the software since it is easy to use and is able to create responsive website without coding. My question is this: Can Pinegrow Theme Converter converts the generated web pages from Rocketcake into Wordpress theme? I am not a coder but I have checked the code that Rocketcake generates is that 1.) every HTML element is inside a div… for example the h1 tag is inside a div, a paragraph text on the same container is also inside another div… what I mean is that there are two many nested divs inside a container division 2.) the html ids are auto generated, they are alphanumeric characters… naming the ids is impossible, 3.) the menu is not made of ordered or underordered and list tags but rather anchor tags and 4.) there is no paragraph tag but rather a div tag and span tag for every specific styling of text.

My very question is will these be issues in converting a Rocketcake generated HTML webpages to inside Pinegrow Theme Converter? Will conversion work or will it require standard semantics for the conversion to work.

I took a look at a couple of sites built with Rocketcake and the code is horribly bad. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Do yourself a favor and do it the right way from the get-go.

Thank you for the insight. Yes I do have doubts with the Rocketcake’s code. But as a non-coder I feel I need an easy-to-use tool that will be compatible with Pinegrow Theme Converter. My other options are:

1.) WYSIWYG Web Builder and
2.) Webacappella Grid

Can you please take a look at its generated HTML code as well. WYSIWYG Web Builder uses layout grids similar to Bootstrap’s blocks. It can use relative positioning for responsive web design or absolute positioning for adaptive web design. It is user friendly but my concern is that it uses too many nested divs. Every HTML element is wrap up in DIVS. This is my doubt with this tool. On the WWB forum, there is a showcase of responsive websites built with the software.

Webacappella Grid on other hand uses bootstrap and also generates responsive sites but there is no control in naming the HTML elements id as they are generated automatically.

Can you please help me decide before I invest time on learning these tools?


WYSIWYG is one of the WORST website builders I’ve ever encountered. I tried using it once a few years ago, and it was just terrible. I would stay FAR away from it.

I’m not familiar with Webacappella Grid, but the sample site I examined had pretty awful code as well. Tons of inline styles and unnecessary nested divs.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve come across precious few website builders that output clean, semantic code. Pinegrow, of course, is one of them, and if you’re serious about building websites, it’s worth it to buy the program and learn how to use it. Not easy, but worth it.

Bootstrap Studio is another program (my personal fav) that produces perfect code. While it is not free, it is very reasonably priced, but there is a bit of a learning curve. You don’t (can’t) edit the HTML, but you do need to know CSS to do anything fancy, and having a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work is kind of important to really get the most out of the program. It has pre-made blocks, and fairly easy-to-use visual tools to customize most components. Bang-for-the-buck it can’t be beat.

The next program that I know produces clean code is Webflow. Webflow, however, is a cloud-based program that you must pay a monthly subscription for (if you want to be able to export your site’s code, there is a free version with no code export.) There is also a learning curve involved in using Webflow, though it is a very polished and well documented program. Webflow uses CSS grid, not Bootstrap.

While I have not used it, the program Wappler supposedly produced clean semantic code. It’s is also fairly expensive, and there is a significant learning curve involved. Wappler was designed as a back-end, PHP type builder, but it also does front end sites.

The only free program I can think of that might be able to do what you want, and which will produce decent code is Mobirise. It’s a drag-n-drop Bootstrap builder, that caters to non-coders, but as with any website building program, if you can’t touch the code, you will be limited in what you can do. It has paid modules that unlock aspects of the program (like being able to edit the code.) Some people rave about it. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea, but it might work for you.

There’s also CoffeeCup website builder, which supposedly produces clean code. It’s not cheap, but it does have a following. I’ve never used it, so I can’t really comment on how hard or easy it may be to use.

Hope this helps you a bit.

Something new to try for free…

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