FlexBox and Css Grid, responsive design

Hi, I kindly would like to know if the the Pinegrow Theme Converter could convert a Flexbox or Css Grid template into a WordPress theme, remaining responsive . Or how to render responsive a Theme.Thanks

Hi @Tomato welcome to the forum.

Regarding the theme converter it’s not like it will convert our template to something else. All our code will be as it is, you are only going to add Smart Actions where necessary.

So to get a responsive WordPress theme, we should first build a responsive template and then use Theme Converter. You do can make the changes even after you export the theme and it will update your theme as you save it.

Thanks abirana. Very useful information.

Theme Converter is a tool for converting HTML templates into WordPress themes BUT you must keep in mind that it must be used in conjunction with your favorite code editor (Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Bootstrap Studio, Webflow and so on and so on) to make any structural changes that may be required for a quality conversion. You will probably have to go back and forth between the code editor and Theme Converter to achieve the desired result.

That’s why if you don’t have a favorite editor, Pinegrow Web Editor with the WordPress Theme Builder is the perfect solution because you can EDIT (change, tweak, modify…) your HTML template and CONVERT it into a WordPress theme within the same application!

But, abirana, the problem is: for responsive web design, can you use media queries breakpoints in your project?

Hi @Tomato,
A WordPress site is just HTML that is injected by PHP. Anything you can do with standard HTML (like media queries) will work with your WordPress pages. The Theme Converter isn’t going to change your CSS where your media queries reside.

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Thanks, Bob, now it’s clear